Furniture Care

Furniture Care

It is simply advised that you dust your suite daily with either a soft / feather duster or the soft brush attachment from your hoover.

Please DO NOT use any form of polishing spray, ie Mr Sheen or Pledge.  DO NOT at any time wash, scrub, polish or allow your suite to become damp.

Cushion Care The care of your cushions is important to ensure that they keep in good condition and wear evenly.

Turn them over weekly and keep them out of strong direct sunlight.  Direct sunlight will fade and destroy the fabric.  Due to the chemicals used to make your fabrics fire retardant, it is important that your cushions are DRY CLEANED ONLY.  Washing fabrics either by hand or machine is not advisable as all fabrics have different material content and therefore the shrinkage and care instructions vary.

All fabric used will naturally fade.  This is caused by a combination of sunlight and wear and tear, along with the chemicals used to make your fabric and cushion inner fire retardant to British Fire and Safety Regulations.

Cushion covers and where possible cushion inners should be stored if they are not going to be in use for a long period of time. 

All our fabrics and cushions meet the British Government Fire and Safety Regulations.


All glass is toughened but still needs to be handled with care and respect. No glass is scratch resistant.

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